[thelist] re:hiding a password in a simple javascript prompt box

John Snippe design at cybernautica.com
Sat Sep 16 20:33:12 CDT 2000

On 9/15/00,  regarding " [thelist] re:hiding a password in a simple 
javascript p ",  Lisa Bartholomew offered the following:

>Thanks for all the suggestions, I am always amazed at the variety of
>different ways there seems to be for doing things.
>I will be seeing which I can implement, this is the first bit of JavaScript
>I have done before and will see which works best for me.

About this whole password thing:  this is an option (a pre-rolled 
GoLive javascript solution) that uses encryption.  Works well... but 
I understand that is isn't a 'serious' solution... and is supposedly 

Anyhow... here is is:  <http://www.cybernautica.com/password/>

I'd give you the password, but I have some folks on the GoLive list 
attempting to defeat it, and there's a prize for that list if they do!

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