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Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sun Sep 17 00:08:27 CDT 2000

I can remember getting flamed once or twice for advocating coding to 
standards because "the browsers won't support it."  My point is: do 
you want the W3C to run things, or do you want Microsoft/AOL to run 

Someone has to manage the development of the web, present and into 
the future.  The past is over.  Yes, old browsers still exist, damn 
things.  But new browsers will come.

I say, if it is possible, within the confines of whatever we are 
doing, we should be proactive and even ACTIVIST in how we code.  That 
is the philosophy behind building standards-compliant sites.

If XHTML is usable on current browsers (it is) and if what you do CAN 
be coded in XHTML, then there is no reason NOT to use XHTML.

How long will it take for HTML to die and XML to rule?  I think this 
is partially up to each one of us.  I think the W3C has taken a 
stand.  Look at their front page.

Sloppy coders fear XML.  Good.  It's time to stop the slop.

I know I'm an idealist, but someone has to be.
("War is over--if you want it," said John & Yoko.)

Finally, I am attaching a link pilfered from the XHTML list.


erika at seastorm.com

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