[thelist] photoshop 6.

Jim Montgomery jimmi at u.washington.edu
Sun Sep 17 12:18:46 CDT 2000

Has anyone used Photoshop 6 and have an opinion as to whether the upgrade
is worth the money? I run 5.0 at work and home and also have ImageReady 1
which I bought seperately. I'm really quite happy with 5 but want to make
an educated decision before I miss the promo pricing.

If you've used v6 what features do you find noteworthy for both web and
print production compared with v5.0 and IR 1?

thanks lots, Jim

<tip>When designing make sure to consider the established identity of your
clients, and if you have difficulty making elements match simply coming
close should be sufficient in a completely different medium (e.g.
established print identity with color, mark, logotype/typeface simply
coming close to the color and typeface on the web so as to at least
suggest the existing id rather than deviating extensively from it).

If maintaining the existing identity is not a fundamental requirement of
your design then you will weaken (if not destroy) your message.

At the U of WA there is currently (2000) no formal ID so what that has
done is create a huge problem for all of the administrative departments
since they start doing their own thing and there is no consistency between
what is understood to be the UW ID (it's more of the athletic ID and a
convention) in the use of color and typeface for their website
www.washignton.edu and other mediums for info delivery.

My feeling is that use of color, type, and other elements of complete
identities are powerful tools in visual communiation and their
consistent use and application will carry a message farther than the 
results of unneccessary improvements/innovations/changes.

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