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Mon Sep 25 00:31:40 CDT 2000

> I have a client using Word 2k and Quicken '99 who wants to put the ID I
> designed for him onto his correspondence and invoices.  So:
> What format(s) should the output be in, and how (using Adobe Whatever)
> do I ensure that he'll get a hi-res file?  He does all of this on an
> older Postscript-capable inkjet...
> I would prefer that he go to a printer (or at least Kinko's) but he's
> already turned down that advice.

saved at  96 dpi will produce a real nice image.
you can save it at insanely high resolutions 600dpi and up, but whats the
the client wants some letternead, invoices, biz cards and maybe a magnetic
sign for the car.

I usually take and use the import functions of quicken and word to place the
word will let you resize and stretch it to illegibility.
quicken is a bit stiffer about what you can do.

best way to make cheap printer copy is to use word.
import the image
save as template...(.dot file)
that way the client can find it again.....
you will need to be able to change this later
(trust me. I usually create the website trademark design in a number of
sizes, formats and resolutions, so when promotional materials, letterhead,
envelopes, signs, biz cards get discussed, your friendly web designer is
ready! plus word gets around about this and you get more work)

proofs for the printer.
take document you created, buy photo quality inkjet paper, crank up the
settings, (most inkjets will let you do 1440 dpi by waiting a little
print copy
send to printer
have your client buy the highest resolution they are comfortable paying for.

a lot of other printers will accept adobe acrobat pdf.
this is a good option also.
you can send a copy to the printer,
post one to the website,
save the client money by pointing folks to the website,
fax forms, purchase orders, flyers, etc.

factors for clients.

simpler is better
scales better
less color is cheaper

factors for designers

you can build voluptous images with millions of colors,
you can save a 468x60 pixel image as a 5 meg file,
but do you really need to?

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