[thelist] ASP Database Problem. Any Ideas?

Eric Engelmann eric at geonetric.com
Mon Sep 25 11:48:06 CDT 2000

Also, for future reference:

Print the SequelFunction to the screen, paste it into Access (SQL view) and
run it. That'll tell you if there's a problem. You'll generally need to see
the result of your string concatenation to be sure you've got it right
anyways. You should always be able to work backwards from that if you get an
error, since you can find one that works correctly in Access (using Design
View, perhaps), compare to the output of your string in the ASP, and find
where the differences are.

In this case, Access would complain quite loudly about the statement you
entered (if you Response.Write SequelFunction to the screen and paste it
into SQL View). If it doesn't work in Access, it won't work from ASP either.

Good luck.

- E

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