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I went to your page. Couldn't find the error. What's the error you're

One of the DBA-types will probably speak up here, but it doesn't seem like
the classes should really be column names. I would make a separate table
called Class (hmmm... might be a reserved word???) and I would have columns
called classid and classdate rather than a column for each class. Or, even
better, a table called Subject (which would hold data like "Access 2000")
and another table called Class (which would hold a specific instance of that
class -> unique: combo of SubjectID and ClassDate).

This way, #ClassName# would be a SQL string value and NOT a database object.

Still would like to see that error msg.


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> Dear evolters,
> I really need your help here. You can view what I have at
> I have a database of student information and some of the columns have
> been given names like Access2000 and Excel2000 to denote the training
> classes for which they have signed up. In those columns are the dates of
> the classes. The names of those columns are also names of separate
> tables (which may be my downfall), in which are stored the dates of that
> class. For example, the Access2000 table would contain the dates and
> times of Access 2000 classes.
> Now, I've got the registration form pretty much done. I'm working on the
> administration area to give our training coordinator access to print off
> attendance sheets, ie the names of the people who have signed up for
> each class.
> Here's what I have:
> <cfset ClassName="#url.Class#">
> <!--- Select class name and description --->
> <cfquery datasource="blah" name="ClassName">
> SELECT ID, TableName, CourseName
> FROM   Classes
> WHERE  TableName = '#ClassName#'
> </cfquery>
> <!--- Select list of student in that class --->
> <cfquery datasource="blah" name="StudentsList">
> SELECT   StudentID, LastName, FirstName, #ClassName#
> FROM     StudentData
> ORDER BY LastName
> </cfquery>
> I'm stuck here. Any suggestions at all?
> Thanks in advance.
> </ml>
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