[thelist] Site Test

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Mon Sep 25 20:49:28 CDT 2000

I'm on a Mac. I only looked at three pages (home, keep, inn). I only have 4
mosaic derived browsers here; I have more at work.

IE 5.0
No real problems, except on the Adventurers Guild page the title runs off
the 'parchment.' I'll send you a screen shot off-list. Also, the blue book
border doesn't show up.

IE 4.5
Okay, except no blue border.

IE 4.08
Everythings fine.

NC 4.7
Overall ok. The blue book border shows up. Keep in mind that Netscape users
won't see the alternative CSS roll-over text on the nav links. Those users
will *easily* feel lost without the hints as to the contents of the pages
(unless perhaps the link names you use are commonplace among sites like

You did a really nice job with the CSS (at least from my vantage point).
However, some of the fonts you specify in your CSS are really obscure. You
might want to specify more likely alternatives to fall back on.

Hope you figure out your problem.



>I'm having a report of some weirdness on a site I've just put up. I've been
>told only the left half of the the page displays. Pretty damn weird! If some
>of you don't mind taking the time could you visit and tell me what you find?
>If you find any other flaws I would like to hear about them too.
>The URL is... www.ruhnworld.com

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