[thelist] Site Test (Don't use fixed with tables with IE 5.5)

Tony Bounds tbounds at gci.net
Mon Sep 25 21:48:23 CDT 2000

on 9/25/00 5:41 PM, Jorah Lavin at madstone at madstone.net wrote:

> Tony, that is the understatement of the day.  There ain't no need for the
> mess you have there.  I'm afraid that the "ELDRITCH HORROR" is your
> code.  


> Please... build the page from scratch, make the table as simple as
> possible, leave out the strange tags, validate your code, validate your
> CSS, and I'll bet you won't need to wonder what is wrong... everything will
> be okay.
> I'm actually thinking about rebuilding the page myself as a challenge, but
> I've got prior commitments...
> Good luck to ya... remember, simple is often better.

LOL! Point taken. #B^) It looks like the ss declaration,
style="table-layout: fixed", I'm using for tables is the culprit. Its
supposed to be standard code to speed up table rendering but Exploder 5.5
Win doesn't like it. NOTE: Don't use fixed width table declarations if you
want IE 5.5 to render correctly. Should this be a tip?

BTW-Some of the strange code you're unfamiar with are probably for tags that
call some CGI's I'm using.

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