[thelist] Golf Admin. Software

Lynn aruba at cybersync.com
Tue Sep 26 05:51:30 CDT 2000


Calling anyone who has built a site for a golf course. We need advice.
We are looking for on-line, interactive web based software for a major
golf course to handle t-time, calendar reservations, events and
membership service to be used on a linux with Apache web server (MS 2000
may be possible). This will allow members to book t-times, form groups,
events, or join in and sign up, on-line, from the comport of their home
or office. Someday, even a WAP solution.

Eventually, I expect they will dump all current software. They will move
towards the future with accounting, payroll and clubhouse/restaurant
reservations, SSL, credit card clubhouse on-line purchases, etc.

We have found plenty of software for the home golfer or small clubs and
organizations but we can't find a serious or extensive solution. Most of
it is to keep track of your score on Win95 or Mac.

Any help or ideas would be great. I'm not looking forward to designing
and coding all this. Don't have the time, staff or support to handle
such a major project on our own. Thought one of the amazing listers may
have encountered a similar situation and found a shrink-wrapped solution
for at least part of it. Don't feel like reinventing the wheel.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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