[thelist] Win IE5.5 Does NOT handle CSS properly!! was Site Test (Don't use fixed with tables with IE 5.5)

Ron White rwhite at edverify.com
Tue Sep 26 08:29:50 CDT 2000

Its supposed to be standard code to speed up table rendering but Exploder
Win doesn't like it. NOTE: Don't use fixed width table declarations if you
want IE 5.5 to render correctly.

Win IE5.5 absolutely SUCKS on its CSS and dHTML rendering. I had a layered
page that displayed perfectly in 5.0 but was fugged in 5.5 and the only way
I figured out what was happening was by accidentally selecting the text on
the page and discovering a 4 px wide band on the left of the screen that
turned out to be ALL of the "hidden" layers. M$ screwed the pooch with that
release... They need to get their sorry butts back to the research lab and
fix IE...


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