[thelist] Re:cross-domain cookies in Netscape

Steven Stalzer steve at newmediacreations.com
Tue Sep 26 10:58:47 CDT 2000



>When searching the cookie list for valid cookies, a comparison of the
>domain attributes of the cookie is made with the Internet domain name of
>the host from which the URL will be fetched. If there is a tail match, then
>the cookie will go through path matching to see if it should be sent. "Tail
>matching" means that domain attribute is matched against the tail of the
>fully qualified domain name of the host. A domain attribute of "acme.com"
>would match host names "anvil.acme.com" as well as "shipping.crate.acme.com".

>Based upon the above, just change:
>$domain = ".townvalues.com";
>$domain = "townvalues.com";

>Anthony Baratta
>Keyboard Jockeys

Thanks for the help. You'd think that making this change would solve the
problem. I've found, however, that setting the $domain variable to
"townvalues.com" (no preceding ".") results in Netscape being unable to set the
cookie at all, from either domain.

Any other ideas from those experienced cookie-munchers among us?
Steven Stalzer, President
New Media Creations, Inc.

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