[thelist] table layout (help!)

Joshua OIson joshuao at fought.org
Tue Sep 26 11:29:00 CDT 2000


Horizontal alignments between the background and table elements are
notoriously difficult to line up between Navigator and IE, and it is better
practice to avoid them.  You might think about coming up with a strategy
that places all images in the tables so small pixel variations do not throw
the images out of line.  Additionally, some of the commerical sites often,
though with occasional exception, give examples of more common design
practices and table structures that are much easier to implement.  You might
take a look at some of them and rethink your overall design to reduce your

If you run IE, add this to your favorites (Highlight and copy,
Favorites->Add to favorites..., Paste) and call it whenever you are curious
as to the table structure of a site you are visiting:


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> Hi all ! :o) I'm having a hard time for something that I'm SURE is very
> simple. I have this page with a background that has to line up with a gif
> in a table ( http://www.cfusions.com/cgi-bin/store/commerce.cgi ) Yeah. I
> figured this would look real pretty but I can t get the tables to stay
> fixed, even with pixels hard-coded.I tried putting in a filler..... it
> helped but aint  as bad as before (filler on page with border)  Anyone
> to clue me in?  Thanks.
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