[thelist] Problematic Client

Jenn Coker me at wt.net
Tue Sep 26 15:26:27 CDT 2000

Subject: [thelist] Problematic Client
(hehe.. "problematic" and "client" - who'd have thought THESE two words
would ever go together?:)
Is it time to let this client go?

I'd say no *if* you've been getting money from them already. If you haven't
billed them yet, then that may be the problem (if they haven't made an
investment in you they probably won't value the work).

Anyway, assuming they've made an investment in you financially, I would stop
working to please them, explain to the client that evidently some time has
passed and there has been some miscommunication between you all... That you
need to understand the workings of the whole system and their complete needs
to do your portion of the site well.. (for example, in ramp up time, the
docs on the backend or what have you would've saved time and added
clarity).. Regardless, at this point you'd like to pause here and reassess
the situation with them... That might give you an opportunity to put the
project back on track. Be sure they understand that "all things are related"
here.. that you need to be in the loop on the whole to get your piece done
correctly - that's what you do, what you offer them.. the ability to
comprehend the many other pieces and make them work together on the front
end/through the UI..

What is your process for design? Maybe something there is missing. Assuming
you've assessed their goals, are addressing the functional requirements of
the front end, and know "what they like", you should be fine and your comps
should be getting at the very least partially positive responses - assuming
you've got a decision maker and not twelve people going back and forth.
Have you asked them flat out "what they like"?


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