[thelist] more lawyer-happy-annoyances

Mike Migurski mike at cloudfactory.org
Tue Sep 26 16:15:22 CDT 2000

goddammit! one laid-off employee posts a stupid message to fuckedcompany
in a fit of rage, and suddenly our logo is included with etoys, pets.com,
and others.


sorry, venting.


use CVS to alleviate development headaches. Although meant for code
development, I've found it to be extremely useful for keeping track of
site revisions after a particularly hairy experience with a client who
had some "issues" making up their minds about content and architecture.

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, aardvark wrote:

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>Subject: [thelist] more lawyer-happy-annoyances
>just in case you don't get the fuckedcompany.com daily email, or 
>haven't hit the site, or don't read /., etc...
>home page has a cease and desist letter posted from the lawyers 
>of idealab! (i hate exclamation points)...
>turns out they've got their panties in a bunch over a logo sample 
>sent in to the site (fuckedcompany got shit from Fast Company 
>and asked readers to submit logo ideas) as a discussion thread 
>post... the image they saw:
>  http://www.vfxweb.com/fuckedlab.gif
>anyway... i always enjoy this stuff...
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