[thelist] Olympics - not for low rez

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 26 20:02:49 CDT 2000

>  Oops, I was incorrect. The interior pages do seem to detect your resolution, 
> probably because the site uses frames and does the check when you try loading a 
> page outside the frames.

must base it on screen res, not browser size... i run at 1280x1024, 
but surf with 640x480 windows... and it's an 800x600-ready page...

i missed the beginning of the thread, so i assume we're talking 
about olympics.com, right?

>  But hey, at least the page telling low-rezzers they're not wanted is a fluid - 
> scaleable down to about 220 pixels!

got a URL?

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