[thelist] a tale of semi epic proportions

the head lemur lemurs at extremezone.com
Thu Sep 28 00:45:11 CDT 2000

    monday morning inactive client calls:

hi! i need a place to park a domain because i have Eudora Server and 30
client licenses. oh i want to run the email on my server.

    You want to run a eudora mail server on your companies Internal server?

Yes! i have an ISDN line!!! i want a private email service for my friends.
My network guy says that we can run eudora on my NT server and have private

    What kind of server are you running?

NT 4.0

    Do you have a firewall?

a what?

    Is your ISDN line an A channel or an A and B channel?

i don't know.

    Do you have a static/NIC  I.P address?

i don't know.

    Do you really want to run an email server on your company server?

Yes! i have an ISDN line!!!

    Don't you have a separate box for communications?


    Have your network guy call me....

tuesday morning:

Hi! Im the network guy.

    what version of NT are you running?


    what service packs have you installed?

i'll have to look.

    are You real sure that you want to run a mail server on the client's
company box?

why not? they have an ISDN line right here.

    Is it A or A+B Channel? You don't have a addressable router with a
static I.P. do     you?

Oh yes , Its attached to the ISDN line.

     what's the IP?

i don't know

    Okay, let's try this. why doesn't the client get some space with a
hosting company     that already has an email server, park the domain, set
up emails and be done         with it?

The client wants to have private email.

    Okay, when you have the answers to the above questions give me a call or
email     me.

Wednesday client calls:

 why do I need a firewall on my server?

    You want to plug your server with your company records and software into
the         internet so you can have private email, right?

yes i have an ISDN Line!

    Did you talk to your network guy about what a real bad idea this is?

I didn't understand what he was saying.

    Trust me on this one and read the links I'm sending you( large group of
links on     DOS attacks, buffer overflows , cracking, 10,000 ways to
destroy your business         by plugging you company server to the web)

    thursday morning:

Okay. Why don't you get some space with a hosting company   that already has
an email server, park the domain, set up emails and show us how to run it
across the net?

    fine. wire the money here.

    ======2 hours later it is a done deed.==========

thursday evening:

What does the check box "Hide addresses from directory services" mean?


they still have an ISDN line and a mint copy of Eudora.................

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