[thelist] Doing a 'freebie'

Jorah Lavin madstone at madstone.net
Thu Sep 28 07:01:48 CDT 2000

At 11:41 PM 9/27/00, you wrote:

>And what do you have to lose?  Your friendship, for one thing.  It's hard 
>to stay friends with a web design client, especially a cheap one

Oh, man, I'm living this now.  My foolish mouth opened an told a pal at 
work "yeah, I'll throw a site online for your little hot-sauce hobby 
business.  I was imagining two or three pages with a fun hot-pepper 
theme... he wanted an entire shopping cart to sell 450 items.  At this 
point we are hardly talking to each other... one friendship, damaged.  One 
website, unfinished, two unhappy people.


I've gotta learn to keep my BIG MOUTH SHUT.


"Okay, move along folks... nothing to see here."

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