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Rudy and Stephane:

That is one super cool tip! Thanks guys. Turning on table borders is a very
basic debugging technique and it is a great help that I no longer have to do
that in my code. Now I can leave the borders off and just use the shortcut.

btw - IE 5.5 does not seem to have a way to manually add shortcuts to the
favorites folder. You have to add the site you are currently looking at -
which is bogus. I got it to work by navigating to the favorites folder in
windows explorer and copying one of the shortcuts there and then replacing
the location string with the javascript you guys provided. Windows throws an
error, but just ignore it. Works great.

<Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca> wrote in message
news:<OF317B0CE0.792316D9-ON85256966.0059F6EC at 1.10.196>...
> > If you run IE, add this to your favorites ...
> > and call it whenever you are curious as to the
> > table structure of a site you are visiting:
> hi joshua
> good one, very handy
> note you can make it toggle the table border on/off by a slight
> enhancement
> at the end, instead of assigning the border a value of 1, assign it this
> value instead --
>    (document.all[i].border=='0')?'1':'0'
> here's the whole thing again, cut and paste as one line into your ie
> favorites --
> rudy
> r937.com
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