[thelist] Doing a 'freebie'

George Dillon george.dillon at ukonline.co.uk
Thu Sep 28 10:12:24 CDT 2000

Have a contract.

Put in that contract whatever measures you want to protect your future

At least point out and have them sign an agreement that you retain the
copyright in all your work, and give yourself the right to pull the entire
site if you so desire at any time, without liability for any consequent
damage to their business...

i.e. think of the site not as a gift, but as an interest-free loan.

Build into the contract whatever terms of review you'd like - even to the
point of saying that the duration of the 'loan' is (say) 6 months after
which period the full value of the contract becomes due or the contract may
be renewed, but only by mutual consent.

If they baulk at the idea of a contract, walk away.  In my experience of
conducting business (of whatever type) with friends and/or family - these
are the situations which are most likely to turn sour and are most likely to
leave you wishing you'd put down in writing what you both expected from the

HTH & Good luck!


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