[thelist] New PC - how2 partition, which Linux, & firewalling .

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Thu Sep 28 11:32:06 CDT 2000

Quite agree with this. I've been running RedHat since 5.2 and the
differences in the later versions are amazing! The ease of setup now is way,
way better. It's worth either the download time (if you have a good link) or
even better the small cost of buying the boxed set, with manual and such.
You should also certainly buy a Linux sysadmin guide or something to help
you out. After workiing everything out for myself for a year or so, I bought
a duide and suddenly everything started to actually make sense!


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> I´d recommend Red Hat 7.0 that´s just out, It has support for 
> USB, better
> security(which you seem really concernd about) and a newer 
> kernel. Setting
> up RedHat 5.2 would be hell for a linux newbie but the 7.0 has great
> installation tools, great for beginers.

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