[thelist] maxlength on textarea? using JS?

Matthew Fischer mfischer at e-fishsolutions.com
Thu Sep 28 12:25:53 CDT 2000

This works, obviously you could change when it's checked from the onChange to onSubmit for the form or onKeyup, etc.


function tooLong() {

    if (document.pageForm.Babble.value.length > 255) {
    alert('Please limit your babble to 255 characters.');


<textarea name="Babble" onChange="tooLong()">Enter up to 255 characters of Babble here</textarea>

On 9/28/00 at 12:41 PM, roselli at earthlink.net (aardvark) wrote:

> i know you can't have a 'maxlength' on a text area... and yes, we 
> are going to do a check server-side for people without JS enabled...
> but for usability purposes, anyone have any JS handy that can tell 
> the user that he/she has exceeded, say, 255 characters in a 
> textarea with a JS alert?  for IE and NN 4+?  if not, then IE4+?
> anyone?
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