[thelist] Method POST not allowed

Erik Sabowski airyk79 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 28 12:43:42 CDT 2000

well, i don't know much about java servlets either, but since i am been told 
to get a java web server (Tomcat) running where i work, i'm starting to pick 
up some stuff...but i'm not 100% sure of any of this, but it might help you 
find the right answer.

the action attribute in the form has the url ending with '.class'. AFAIK, 
you don't ever write out the .class part of the servlet, at least that's the 
case with the one's we use here, and i'm pretty sure that's the way to do 

also, we had a similar problem with a servlet here (it was bitching about 
GET instead of POST) and the problem was the doGet() function in the 
servlet. doGet() is what you use to get the header information from the 
server request, which i assume includes any information you pass along to it 
from a form submission. the servlet here was using the doGet() function 
inccorectly, and that's we got a Method Not Allow error. so have them look 
at that.

well, that's all the advice i can offer. let me know if it helps at all (or 
if i am totally off base!)


>Dear evolters,
>I would appreciate it if you would go to
>http://web.sdstate.edu/sdconnect/register.htm and see if there's a
>skipped step that's preventing this form from being submitted. You can
>just hit "submit" to post the form. I'm not familiar with Java servlets
>and so I can't be of much help to this customer. Any help would be
>greatly appreciated.
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