[thelist] Can't select text?

Andy Olsen andyo at inxpress.net
Thu Sep 28 15:44:00 CDT 2000

Thanks for the response, George. It only happens on my (and my client's) 
Netscape browser. IE5 is OK. I also noticed that "Find" error in NS.

I seem to re-install NS once a week! Is the ver 6, beta 2 OK?? I feel like 
I'm still using a beta.

At 12:32 PM 9/28/00, George Dillon wrote:
> > I've seen this no other web pages, now it's happening on mine. When I try
> > to select text, it does not work. Anyone have any idea why this would be?
>What browser?  (I see you're using Eudora but do you use IE?)
>I had something very like that happen to me when I tried to run IE3
>alongside IE5... so I'd guess that your problem is not with your site but
>with corruption of your browser/OS, in which case a re-installation is
>probably needed, though you could try the repair IE tool.  A busted 'find
>text on this page'?  was another symptom in my case.
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