[thelist] Can't select text?

Aylard JA (James) jaylard at equilon.com
Thu Sep 28 16:15:30 CDT 2000

Andy Olsen wrote:
> I seem to re-install NS once a week! Is the ver 6, beta 2 OK?? 

	Don't bother with Netscape 6 PR2. It is still unacceptably buggy
IMHO (e.g., the delay on image rollovers is painful to watch, CSS borders
and backgrounds applied to tables are terribly botched), and is topheavy
with AOL gizmos. If you want to experiment with the upcoming Netscape
browser, download its slimmer sibling, Seamonkey, at
http://www.mozilla.org/. Seamonkey is the same Mozilla-based browser and has
the same flaws as its weightier pal, save the extra pounds of AOL branding.

> I feel like I'm still using a beta.

	It may feel that way, but instead you're actually using a browser
that's over 21 dog-years old, with neither bark nor bite left to speak of.
Perhaps a spry pup in its day, but that day has long since passed in the
opinion of many.

James Aylard

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