[thelist] more views: pop-up windows, Rich Media ads

AtdtXav atdtxav at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 16:45:13 CDT 2000

Today I went to jobsonline.com for the first time, and found the
experience frustrating and tiresome.  I had to spend so much
time deselecting sales/potential spam and closing popup windows
(like one for coolsavings.com that filled it's registration form
with all the info I'd just given to jobsonline) that I nearly
gave up.

When I logged in a second time and AGAIN had to deselect
receiving potential spam, I decided that I did not need a new
job so bad that I was willing to put up with that.

--- Nicole Parrot <nicole at parrot.ca> wrote:
> I run a site that uses media rich ads, although no pop up
> windows.
> The ads can be Java, javascript, Enliven (that's java too), or
> anything.
> The code we have on the pages is some javascript that detects
> browsers and
> either show the media rich ad, or show a standard gif,
> depending on browser
> capability.
> At 5 million ad views per month, it has not stopped us, and
> from what I'm
> told, the number of media rich ads we're showing is growing
> quite fast
> compared to regular types of ads. (I'm not in charge of
> selling ad space)
> There's definitely a demand from advertisers to have media
> rich ads. Users
> don't seem to notice them more than any other type of ads
> Nicole
> http://www.theforce.net
> (and plenty of others)

 - Scott
   -- http://spork.ofdoom.com

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