[thelist] Help setting up bounce list in Majordomo

CDitty mail at redhotsweeps.com
Fri Sep 29 06:52:03 CDT 2000

Can someone help me setup a bounce list for one of my Majordomo lists? I 
have read over the Managing Mailing Lists from O'Reilly's and understand a 
little bit. If I setup a bounce list, how does MD know when an email 
bounced? I skimmed through the majordomo.cf file and saw the headers that 
it looks for. When I send out my majordomo messages, I send them out from 
webmaster at mysite.com (which is the listowner too.)

Do I need to be sending my messages from a "fake" account that is setup in 
the aliases file which calls the MD script?

Any help is appreciated.


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