[thelist] Can't save TIF file as JPG

Matthew Fischer mfischer at e-fishsolutions.com
Fri Sep 29 10:40:12 CDT 2000

2 things to try:

If you are using PS 5.5, try using "Save For Web" instead of just "Save as" with type .jpg - that will probably ignore whatever is keeping it from being saved as a .jpg.

If not try using option-command-c to copy all layers (on a Mac, I don't know the windows keyboard command to get the "Copy Merged" command), then make a new image (it should default to the size of what's on the clipboard, paste in your old image, flatten it and then try saving.

On 9/29/00 at 10:42 AM, roselli at earthlink.net (aardvark) wrote:

> On 29 Sep 00, at 16:42, Niklaus Haldimann wrote:
> > I have a TIF file I can't save as JPG in Photoshop. It's driving me crazy.
> > What reasons for that behaviour could there be? I converted to RGB mode, so
> > that can't be it.
> did you flatten the image?  remove all extra channels?  remove all 
> extra paths?

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