[thelist] Can't save TIF file as JPG

Jason Elliot Burk jasonb at halstead-architects.com
Fri Sep 29 10:42:19 CDT 2000

<tip type="photoshop5.5" author="jason burk">
to get around the annoyance of flattening images (and maybe even removing
channels / paths) when saving your finish images as *.jpgs use the *save a
copy as..* command in the file menu.  your original file will stay intact and
you'll have a fancy jpg to test to your hearts content.


Niklaus Haldimann wrote:

> aardvark wrote:
> >did you flatten the image?  remove all extra channels?  remove all
> >extra paths?
> aw shit. i didn't see that "Markierungskanal" (whatever this is called in
> english) channel ... grumble, grumble. thanks.

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