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Matthew Fischer mfischer at e-fishsolutions.com
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This will prompt you for the name of the folder, the extension you want to replace and what you want to replace it with. Be sure to include the dot, as in .jpg, in both the old and new extensions. The way this is written it will not search subfolders of the folder you select. If you want to include subfolders change:

     every file in thePath whose name ends with ext


     every file in the entire contents of the thePath whose name ends with ext


set thePath to choose folder with prompt "Select folder to rename files in:"
set ext to display dialog "Extension to Replace:" default answer ""
set ext to text returned of ext
set extNew to display dialog "Replace With:" default answer ""
set extNew to text returned of extNew

tell application "Finder"
        set the datlist to ¬
            ((every file in thePath whose name ends with ext) as alias) ¬
                as list -- set name criteria
    on error number -1700 from f
        set datlist to f as list
    end try
    repeat with dat in datlist --list of alias references to the files
        select file dat
        set workingName to the name of dat as text
        set theOffset to offset of ext in workingName
        set chopped to characters 1 through (theOffset - 1) of workingName
        set newName to chopped & extNew as text
        set name of selection to newName
    end repeat
end tell



On 9/29/00 at 1:03 PM, sallyevans at eden.com (Charlie Llewellin) wrote:

> Any Applescript person have such a script - to run through a folder and
> change file extensions - ie, from .html to .php?
> If you did, I would be very grateful!
> Charlie Llewellin
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