[thelist] maxlength on textarea? using JS?

Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Fri Sep 29 14:55:40 CDT 2000

> if you want to see one in practice, try www.mtnsms.com 

hi oliver

which page in that site, specifically?  can i see it without registering 
an email id and password?

did you do this site?  some pretty nice coding in there, dude

anyhow, on that home page,  i pressed the little smiley without filling 
anything in and after a while (a rather slow trip to the server and back) 
i got sent back to the exact same page, except now the address bar said i 
was at http://www.mtnsms.com/default.asp?err=203, but there was no error 
message displayed... 

you're using javascript to test for a textarea that's too long, but not 
for fields that aren't filled in?  hmmmm...   ;o)

also, what's with the document.write for LiveStat?  i don't understand how 
you can generate a weird timezone+random cgi file name like that and 
expect to pull a gif out of there... how does the http request for a 
presumably unpredictable filename get handled?  is a 1x1 gif actually 
returned? and about the use of document.referrer in the url string, does 
this mean you are capturing where i was *before* i visited www.mtnsms.com 
and sending it to LiveStat?



speaking of free messages, i got this in a newletter* yesterday --

  E-mail is one of the greatest advances in communication 
  history. The ability to hit a "send" key and instantly 
  push your words across thousands of miles is a mind-boggling 
  concept. IMailnow.com offers a unique, free service to 
  Web users. You can now send mail from anywhere in the world 
  without the need for an existing account. Unlike other 
  Web-based mail servers, you don't ever have to log on, 
  remember passwords, or even have an e-mail account. This, 
  of course, means that you can send completely anonymous 
  messages, respond to mail at work without the fear of 
  interception, and stay connected wherever your life takes you. 
  This first-of-its-kind is bound to catch on fast!

the site they are talking about is IMAILNOW.COM

* the newsletter is from briefme.com and it's pretty good, i get several 
of them (the above is from the Web & Internet one)



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