[thelist] To Joshua Olson, or whoever can help me with this Javascript problem

Jeff jeff at lists.evolt.org
Fri Sep 29 20:34:42 CDT 2000

: From: Jeff <jeff at lists.evolt.org>
: the problem with the code supplied by josh had
: some obvious errors in it.

and i have some obvious problems grasping the english language.

<tip type="cold fusion" author=".jeff">

are you using a bunch of complicated logic stored as arrays, queries, or
structures in session or application variables?  tired of having your site
slow to crawl because this logic is being run every time a page is
requested?  put a little logic in place to prevent it then.

<cfparam name="session.mysessionstruct" default="">
<cfif NOT IsStruct(session.mysessionstruct)>
  <cfset session.mysessionstruct = StructNew()>
  do all your fancy logic here


good luck,


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