[thelist] Linux, anyone?

rudy limeback r937 at interlog.com
Sat Sep 30 07:42:18 CDT 2000

this is for dan and any other penguins* out there

i'm on a calendar list and this guy mentions a site with linux software, so
i ask where is it, and here's his reply...


>Thanks for your reply to my Linux query.
>>not me personally, but the web developer group i belong to runs its web
>>site on linux, using cold fusion and oracle 8
>>   http://evolt.org/
>>where's this SAL to be found?
>The URL you are looking for is:
>Also interesting in the same vein:
>a list called "Linux Software for Scientists - A", which gets you started
>with the letter "A" in a nice listfrom Germany (in English). The last mod
>date shows 04 MAR 97, so the list is a bit old if the date is correct.
>Also check :
>for a list of Linux and FreeBSD resources, and do not miss
>which is the MetaLab Linux archive page, with links to their Linux archive
>(about 55 Gigs) and also the Linux Documentation Project, which has a LOT
>links . That's http://www.linuxdoc.org, if memory serves.
>I see that Red Hat just released Linux 7.0 yesterday, and if you check
>you will find the Linux System Labs site, where you can score the new
>version for $1.89 per CD-ROM. If Red Hat is not your cup of tea, there are
>links to everybody else there too,
>Hope this helps!


* of course, i mean that in the nicest way

a penguin walks into a bar and orders a beer, the bartender serves him and
the penguin asks "has my brother been in here?" and the bartender says "i
dunno, what's he look like?"

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