[thelist] JSP?

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Sun Oct 1 16:21:42 CDT 2000

> Just how stable is JSP? I run a few functions, and if I screw up on the
> syntax, the server goes down.

Ummm... what are you doing? Trying to calculate PI? Looking for alien
existence on Venus? Usually, when you get a syntax error, it will print it
out to the screen.

What JSP "server" are you using?

I'm also an ASP convert (recent, too)... so if you need some help with JSP
itself, maybe I can help out.

> Since Im east coast, and the server is west
> coast, that often means I'm out for hours.  Right now, I'm new to JSP
> (totally new, so my errors are beginner errors)

Damn that ending semi-colon!

> and I'm evaluating the
> technology.  I'm totally NOT impressed with the server crashing so easily.

It shouldn't be crashing. Basically, I think the worst bit about JSP is that
it has to compile for 20 seconds or so during debugging. So, if you forget a
semi-colon, add it in and wait another 20 seconds. Forget a + when
concatenating a string literal and a string variable, add it in and wait
another 20 seconds... Gets kind of crazy. Though, I assume that ASP+ will be
the same way.

> Is this the way the server's been set up? Or is the technology just not
> ready yet?
> I mean, a syntax error should NOT crash a server....

You're right. I'd email the server admin dood and ask him what he thinks.



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