[thelist] Email Icons?

Bonnie McCoy bmccoy at jhmi.edu
Mon Oct 2 12:24:42 CDT 2000


I've gotten a request that has really stumped me. I'm being asked to make "customized icons" that will make it simple for staff that aren't computer savvy to access online manuals.

1. When clicked on, they will open specific html pages on an intranet,

2. They will be customized to reflect the contents of the pages that they point to, and offer a "separate set for Netscape and IE" 


3. Be capable of being emailed and "dragged from the email to the desktop"

This is supposed to I can certainly make the icons but I'm not sure how to set the target references and package them for the email drag and drop part, or how to separate them according to browser.
Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.

- b

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