[thelist] Teaching Staff to Fish (was Email Icons?)

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Well in that case, since they wish to remain ignorant dumbasses...(How
Typical) Go into each browser and create a folder in Favorites/Bookmarks and
save the pertinent pages to them. Drag and Drop these folders into an email
and send it to the morons with precise instructions on how to drag and drop
it into their Favorite/Bookmarks...(Otherwise they will surely fug it up)

Has no patience for people who choose to remain ignorant... Can you tell??

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While I may wholeheartedly agree with you, the level from which the request
descended mandates that I pursue every possibility for accomplishing the
request before offering that alternative.

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Ok. So my response it technically non-responsive, but wouldn't it be both
easier and more beneficial long term to help the staff become computer
savvy. (Not that "we" ever have a chance to make those decisions.)

James S. Huggins

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