[thelist] Teaching Staff to Fish

Bonnie McCoy bmccoy at jhmi.edu
Mon Oct 2 13:35:03 CDT 2000

The "Fearless Leader" in question is attempting to drag a substantial number of folks kicking and screaming into the digital world and is up against substantial resistance. FL hopes to bring them around to accessing this material online and giving up their precious (difficult to maintain and mostly out of date) paper documents. The spoon-feeding exercise will hopefully bring them into the brave new world and they will cast off the chains blah blah blah etc etc ... 

Again, my first preference is to enlighten the masses. Knowledge=power, right? (I'm not sure how many more cliches I can get away with here) Since digital has become second nature for me, I try to be especially conscious of  how difficult it is for many folks to make the shift to getting information in new ways, because of either ignorance or fear of appearing ignorant, or just plain fear of getting it wrong. If these gyrations make it simpler for them to make the transition and start to use the new and different tools, perhaps they are an indirect way of getting them to the goal.

And keeping FL happy and maintaining employment remains my goal ... :)

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Instead, I changed the topic designator in the hopes of starting a new,
tangential discussion about the relative merits of one approach vs the

James S. Huggins

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