[thelist] cryptic question

Eduardo Dominguez lalo_dominguez at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 2 19:10:30 CDT 2000

Even using unix crypt() function solves nothing since a simple
for() loop will get the price in less than a minute. :(
The problem is that prices are numbers, so they are easily
manipulated. How can I mix letters/numbers so that even they
guy that coded the function that checked the price cant know
it ?

Sucks :1

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Further to Bret's answer, I would say what Eduardo needs is to really
increase the event space so as to make it hard for a brute force attack.
Bret's advice is good but it wouldn't take long to guess what is being done
just by doing a simple pattern matching on a couple of samples.
A better approach would be to start by storing an MD5 hash of the price in
the database. This could be possibly salted just to make things harder to


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