[thelist] Hat-in-hand help request

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Tue Oct 3 11:36:33 CDT 2000

While IE doesn't care about the FORM attribute, Netscape does.
So you cannot simply drag a textarea into your page. You have to drag a form
first, then a text area into the form.

The end result code would be:
<form action="whatever it is that FP2000 requires as a bot to submit a

And you'll most probably need a submit button somewhere in there. ;)

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> NEWSFLASH: Ex Air Force pilot makes fool of self masquerading as web
> designer
> REQUEST: An over-the-shoulder peek at code
> Hi gang, this is my first post so please be gentle in your response.  As
> part of my mid-life crisis I've decided to change careers and now spend
> lots
> of time wondering why I ever purchased FP2000.  Anyway, I'm stuck with
> it
> for the moment as I spool up in my HTML studies.
> THE PROBLEM.  Can one of you "Code-Gods" tell me what I'm doing wrong
> with
> this form (see: http://www.sugarcreekfarmandinn.com/Reservations.htm)?
> It looks fine in IE but NN, whoa baby--different story.  FP2000 entered
> the
> <TEXAREA> tags in lowercase instead of upper, so I changed that (though
> from
> my reading I don't think this matters).   It also reversed the col/row
> sequence (from what I see in my handy HTML book) but I also don't think
> that
> matters either.  Here's the code as I currently have it:
> <p>Please enter any additional amenity requests, or any other info you
>         feel we should be made aware of.
>         <BR>
>         <TEXTAREA name="Comments" cols="70" rows="6">Type your text
> here</TEXTAREA>
>         </p>
>           <p>&nbsp; </p>
> The problem with the display in NN is that no textbox appears.
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> //signed//
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