[thelist] Linux/PHP/MySQL advantages over WinNT/ASP/MSSQL?

Lauri Väin optima at hot.ee
Tue Oct 3 13:12:47 CDT 2000

Hello everybody,
I work in the local office of a hugh worldwide company and the main office
really wants us to use WinNT as our OS for servers(and of course ASP and MSSQL).
I on the other hand think that Linux, PHP and MySQL are a lot faster and more
reliable - mostly because they are open-source and they have been around longer
(at least Linux/Unix has been around longer than Windows).
The problem with windows also is that it uses way too many resources of the

What are the advantages of Linux/PHP/MySQL/Apache over WinNT/ASP/MSSQL?
The things that are really important:
1. Speed
2. Reliability (the server has to be up 7/24/365)

The server will probably host several domain names and receive a high number of

Opinions, links to outside material and so on are highly welcome.
I would really be interested in benchamark tests, researches on software and so
on. They should be prepared preferrably by some big-name company, as it's me
against an army of people. My arguments have to be good. Of course your personal
opinion and test results are welcome too.

Thanks for your time!

Lauri Väin

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