[thelist] Linux/PHP/MySQL advantages over WinNT/ASP/MSSQL?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 3 16:42:38 CDT 2000

On 3 Oct 00, at 22:43, Lauri Väin wrote:

> (If somebody can provide good arguments in favor of ASP, please
> contact me personally at optima at hot.ee) Linux is also a lot more

there are none... there are also no good arguments in favor of *nix, 
or any other platform or OS... and remember, ASP is a server-side 
technology (which can run on linux, too); linux is an OS... also 
remember that any poorly-administered box will always run slower 
than any well-administered box, no matter what the OSes or server-
side crap...

> stable (in my opinion) as it has been around longer. And no, I don't
> want to turn this into a holy OS war - this was my opinion and it
> stays that way (in case anybody can say why WinNT is better than *nix
> platform, mail me directly optima at hot.ee).

better is irrelevent... more appropriate is relevent... see below...

however, without reading the start of this thread, your subject 
indicates that you *do* want to hear reasons why the setup you've 
chosen is better... and you've already said your opinion won't 

> > Or is the main office providing the human gurus along with the
> > boxes?
> The main office is in Sweden and I'm here in Estonia. We buy our own
> boxes and we have our own gurus. Still, the guys at the main office
> want move towards a Microsoft based standard in their offices
> worldwide.

if that's the case, perhaps your personal preferences shouldn't be 
the issue... if that's the tool-set they want, then give it to them... 
believe it or not, building something in a language that's easier for 
you now may prove to be more costly down the road when they 
want to access/modify/etc. that data...

> Sorry for the poisonous attitude towards MS, but I'm a sucker for
> cross-platform, cross-browser solutions.

remember, cross-browser is only as good as your HTML, not your 
server-side languages unless you like all sorts of weirdness...

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