[thelist] Harvester: Plagiarism, or Permission?

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Tue Oct 3 17:30:32 CDT 2000

Frank - 

The admin team has been tossing this idea around and the word seems to
be its OK provided you do what you alude to below.. That is, you have
the permission of the group as a whole, but individual tips need to be
cleared with the author of that tip first.

Shout if you have any more questions, and thanks for asking first ;)


Frank wrote:

> I just wanted to clarify my intent:
> The point in asking first is to ensure that it's OK with not only the
> evolt team and community, but with the individual posters as well.
> It's meant as a win/win situation, whereby each evolt tip is an extra
> link to the author and to evolt.org.
> I'm not looking for personal credit for the content in any way (other
> than my own), but rather, I'm trying to offer a tool, that though
> similar to the harvester is more focused, and better organized. Evolt
> is volunteer (read: unpaid) staffed, and so instead of demanding that
> a load of work be done to the evolt site, I figured I would do the
> work myself, in such as way that everyone benefits.

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