[thelist] rating techies ability

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Tue Oct 3 18:59:22 CDT 2000

Personally, I don't think that tools and/or books at someone's house or
office can be used as a good indicator. I use UltraEdit for just about
everything. I donate all my books to the local library after I'm done with
them, so I only have 3-4 at home at a time. All my "quick references" are
online sources. So, according to your technical yardstick, I have the
technological intelligence of a mouse.

For some people, this would be a good gage. But to rely on it for the
majority of people...


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> It occurred to me that we can probably get a reasonable idea of an
> individual's ultimate ability to produce and maintain online "entities"
> (combination of client- and server-side code/applications and new/old
> economy business sense) by knowing what tools/resources they use or can
> atleast demonstrate an understanding of.
> I nominate the following as being positive indicators (in no particular
> order):
> web:
> theregister.co.uk
> fuckedcompany.com
> theonion.com
> fastcompany.com
> ntk.net
> cnet.com
> irt.org
> localhost
> thestandard.com
> w3.org
> google.com
> php4.org
> davecentral.com
> zdnet.com
> internet.com
> books:
> anything O'Reilly (anyone who has the complete library in their bathroom
> probably has a big bathroom and is kewl)
> most Danny Goodman stuff
> almost any Linux book
> Ben Forta
> software:
> notepad (but of course)
> Homesite
> vi
> Linkbot
> TopStyle
> CSE Validator Pro
> Linx
> other:
> eVolt mailing list
> ntk mailing list
> windows command shell
> ping
> traceroute
> fake http headers in telnet session
> command line ftp
> anyone who has a dusty old copy of their own printout of HTML 1.0 spec!
> Any other ideas?
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