[thelist] Harvester: Plagiarism, or Permission?

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This is an interesting question, because I do also keep old mails - some of
which are very useful. I normally read them for the information, but I do
wonder, is there any copyright problem (you know, especially with mails sent
by people working in big companies which come with standard signatures about
the mails being confidential and meant only for the recipient and the rest
of the 10 line signature (see any mail from Anderson)) with sharing the
mails in case somebody else is also having a problem.

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I've been keeping a database of cold fusion tips, for my own use.
Among them are  many that I've acquired from the the list. Now, I'm
planning to to set up my (long overdue) personal site, and am
thinking of publishing my tips database.

The question is this: Would it be kosher to publish the tips (of
which many are in the harvester)? On one hand I'm thinking that
there's a potential issue, as it was given specifically to the
community. On the other hand, my tips database is well categorized
and organized, and cold fusion specific; site users will be able to
add their own, and keep credit;  it has value as a resource of it's
own, and could be useful to the members here who might want to use it.

Seeing as I write software for a living, there will be accessibility
to some of my projects, but the site is meant primarily as a resource
to BBEdit/Mac Cold Fusion developers.

So, do I proceed with publishing tips that are already on the
harvester? Do I make sure I have individual permissions? Group

I won't move on this until I'm quite clear that it would be kosher
with everyone. If yea, then I might go though the harvester, keeping
all credits and a link to the harvester/evolt prominent and intact.
If not, I'll include only my own tips.

What say the people?

...and the geek shall inherit the earth...

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