[thelist] Re: rating techies ability

Nick Koleszar npk at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 4 07:08:31 CDT 2000

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I suppose I should have pointed out my posting's usefulness as a "gage" of
sense of humour or American nationality.....

Lighten up a little, you'll live a little longer. Nice one, Ross....

For the rest of you, may I humbly and respectfuly suggest the following
online resource?

http://www.trollalert.com/ I didn't intend it to be such but that's how it
appears to have worked.

Notice my use of the term "indicator" in my original post?

Matt, thanks for your comments. UltraEdit looks like an excellent piece of
kit. I shall have to look into it. My list was not meant to be definitive,
exhaustive or exclusive. Ultimately we get paid for getting a job done not
how we get the job done. Some people would argue that if you are paid
$1000/day, hire someone on $800/day to do it and find something else to

yr fthfl srvnt

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