[thelist] Harvester: Plagiarism, or Permission?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 4 10:15:02 CDT 2000

passing an email around is one thing... when we all post to the list, 
we know it gets read by 1,000 or so people, and it gets added to 
the list archives, which technically 5 or 6 billion people have 
access to...  passing it around is like passing around its URL... no 

publishing it in some way, however, is a bit different... publishing it 
to a print thing, a site, an audio stream, the Goodyear blimp, all 
should be treated differently... it would be very good web-karma to 
ask *everyone* who's post you are going to use before you use it...

i highly doubt anyone will say "no" (unless you are posting these 
tips as tattoos on the asses of some porn stars for a geek-porn 
video you are making (need actors?))...

as for the people posting from Anderson and lawyer offices, they 
really should be posting from a personal account so that we don't 
have to worry about their disclaimers, but ultimately, treat the email 
as if it belongs to the person is my approach...

On 4 Oct 00, at 10:29, india_design at yahoo.com wrote:

> This is an interesting question, because I do also keep old mails -
> some of which are very useful. I normally read them for the
> information, but I do wonder, is there any copyright problem (you
> know, especially with mails sent by people working in big companies
> which come with standard signatures about the mails being confidential
> and meant only for the recipient and the rest of the 10 line signature
> (see any mail from Anderson)) with sharing the mails in case somebody
> else is also having a problem. Regards, Ashish

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