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AtdtXav atdtxav at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 4 12:18:27 CDT 2000

I thought I'd look around a little, since I'm thinking about
going further into the freelance realm for HTML/web
design/JS/graphic design/IA type things, and I tested a few
obvious domains... This site truly disturbs me.  between the
background, the total lack of information, and the DANGED
ANNOYING FADES, I wanted to just reach through and strangle
someone.  I felt like I was watching a George Lucas movie. ;-)~

Anyone have some good/interesting suggestions?  I'm not the kind
of person to bang out Java code or the like, is it feasable to
_not_ be an "I can do everything you need" webguy, freelance

I would appreciate any thoughts, on- or off-list.

- http://spork.ofdoom.com

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