[thelist] asp experts? 2 things...

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 4 13:51:29 CDT 2000

> From: "Jenn Coker" <me at wt.net>
> Uh.. i dunno.. :)  here's the thing: the cart (a "module") is -included- in
> the product page.. so.. if i check for foo in the cart module.. that should
> work but.. it's included in the product page.. which already would've killed
> foo. .. poor foo.

foo is like an unbreakable comb.  foo does not need your pity.

> Heh. I dunnnnnooooo. Anyways, thanks.. does that cart module bein included
> in the page thing really f#ck this up or what?

not necessarily... although i've always found it easier to maintain, 
and easier to validate as well, to keep the cart somewhere else 
altogether... this way i can re-use it over and over just be including 
the headers and footers, and setting some global constants for the 
company name and phone number and other stuff...

how are you calling the cart page?  as a sub, perhaps?

if so, just treat each sub as a different page - conceptually... try 
what i said, but everywhere i say 'page', replace it with the word 

without seeing it (and munging through it), there isn't anything more 
specific i can offer...

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