[thelist] File names too long

Tony Grimes algrimes at acs.ucalgary.ca
Wed Oct 4 23:42:45 CDT 2000

     I just took over a very disorganized site for a petroleum company. A
redesign is planned, but for now I have to maintain this site (or should I
say sight). The main problem is that one of the pages I have to
regularly update has a file name that's too long for my Mac and DW won't
let me download it from the server. 
     Is there a simple work around for this? I would change the name, but
I think this page is heavily bookmarked. If worse comes to worse, I think
I'll use the ol' rename-download-update-upload-rename trick, but this may
become monotonous after a day or so. Any help would rule.


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