[thelist] File names too long

Jenn Coker me at wt.net
Wed Oct 4 23:59:45 CDT 2000

Hey hey hey.. Hate to say it but assuming the client realizes the value in
you using that Mac/DW of yers (heh.. >cough< did i say mac and value? just
joking! :) or the annoyance this would bring to many other setups as well as
the long term problems with a naming convention like this, etc. etc.,
*YOU* have the oh-so-wonderful opportunity here to make MORE money for more
BORING work... er..

Explain this situation to them. Then replace the longFileNamedAnnoyance.page
with a redirect to the new shortName.page? Perhaps include a message when
someone gets there from the redirect about the switch (it's not like a
redirect page takes up much room on a server though so it could probably be
left forever)  There's at least .25hr in that one, no? hey, maybe even .5hr.

hth ; j

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