[thelist] color blindness Is this a repeat?

Jenn Coker me at wt.net
Thu Oct 5 00:39:31 CDT 2000

alright. i'm about to flip out..
about every fifth mail i post here i never see come up.
this wouldn't bother me so much. heh. but i never see responses come out of
them either.
yes, i guess that may be because im being ignored, huh? heh. ;p

is this a repeat post?
will this post at all?
what the .. charbshroom.

im currently in plain text mode, yes.

im sending from the account i received this on (subscribed address)


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these shades look brownish to the 10 per cent of the populace - who
suffer from color blindness. For those of you who do design work,
would this sway you to try a different color scheme?

I'm taking cover but I'm gonna vote "No"..

First off, My own big selfish public "wah": We're limited by a small palette
already! Unless your target audience is color blind by definition.. (Yes, I
realize that 10% may be).  I hate to be rude or send out an ode to the flame
wars of days long since passed here but.. Personally I can see the color
red.. and sage green.. and royal blue.. Furthermore I rather enjoy
monochrome stuff.. Furthermore, I'm in love with the color "green".. So
hrmmm..  let's think on this.. not to say, "Aww, c'mon - they are *used* to
it" but um.. they are.. It's not really an accessibility issue here assuming
it's all still usable/readable/navigatable..


in your case.. you -are- using this for central navigation. Is there
text/plenty of other differentiating factors and contrast in that navigation
so they'll know the difference between a b and c?  I mean.. lots of nav bars
*are* the *same* color.. and of those, many are green.

I guess my answer is  I wouldn't rely TOO heavily on the shades to
differentiate and I might even check out what colors were translated best,
but I definitely wouldn't go black and white or yellow for 10% of the
population - who incidentally probably wouldn't want you to.


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